Cucamonga Peak – 05/14/2016

This would be my first time hiking Cucamonga Peak towering at 8,862 feet and is one of the highest peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains which is located in San Bernardino County, California and within the Cucamonga Wilderness of the San Bernardino National Forest.

Meeting Place at Icehouse Canyon Trailhead.

We all met at the Icehouse Canyon Trailhead parking lot at 6am. An Adventure Pass is needed to park here. This would be the 2nd part of the Six Pack of Peaks Challege/Training. There were a lot of hikers joining this event and other hiking groups hiking that day at the peak. Saw lots of familiar faces.Sergio Cruz was our leader for this hike with Maglory Mazaand Ricardo Cruz as coordinators of Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H-.
Immediately, you see the beautiful scenery as you start hiking the trail along the creek that flows down from the canyon, and then some as we went up in elevation. Some areas has a steep trail and one slip to the edge especially those small rocks and it’s a long ways down.


While taking photos along the way, I got off track from the trail. Luckily Vivian, Jesus Carrillo‘s wife, told me so. 🙂 More than halfway to the top, we met Alfredo Alvarez at the Icehouse Saddle, who was camping over the weekend. That was one of our rest stops along the way. As we got closer to the top, we met Jacquese Scott and her group, who already got to the peak earlier.



I started to feel exhausted as few more steps to the peak due to the altitude. Luckily, I had Harvey Fiji to chat with as we reached the peak. The view was amazingly spectacular. We saw clouds hovering over the valley. It’s like we were in heaven. Even with the sun shining on us, we still felt the cold wind blowing which was not bad at all. Had our snacks and group photos taken. Meredith Crane shared her delicious vegan treats with us. Surprisingly, we saw Hector Martinez made it to the top by just missing the group earlier at the parking lot. It was also funny that we saw at the other side of the peak some Asian group brought their suits and superhero costumes just for photos which was pretty awesome.

As we head back down, we were much in a faster pace with less rest stops. Sergio stopped on a fresh cold water stream from the mountains that was safe to drink. It was refreshing. At our stop at Icehouse Saddle, while I was eating a yummy slice of spicy lemon-ed apple from Ignacio Espinoza, Ricardo saw a bee at the side of my neck. Luckily, he shoved it off.


Hikers that we came across with notice that we were almost all wearing any type of shade of blue shirt. 🙂 Later on, Ricardo with Melevy Osorio-Sorto‘s English translation, expressed his thanks to the hikers for joining the event and they are welcome to invite their friends on future hikes.


As we got back at the Icehouse Canyon Trail entrance, we lined up in a straight line and gave hi fives and congratulations to all hikers who completed the 2nd Challenge of the Six Pack of Peaks. It was so much fun and great workout. Good job everyone!


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