Bridge to Nowhere and Devil’s Gulch Hike – 05/01/2016

I’ve done Bridge to Nowhere hike several times already years ago but not as a river hike. Located at the East Fork of the San Gabriel River in Azusa, the bridge is an arch bridge built in 1936 and was meant to connect San Gabriel Valley and Wrightwood. It’s no longer serviceable because of a flood 2 years after its completion. Now, it is home for companies that do bungee jumping.
It’s nice to come back to this place. It’s one of my favorite hikes during the summer where you can dip in water holes and swim. This time though the water was too cold.
A total of 12 hikers met at the parking lot at 6 am. I was almost late by a couple of minutes. Tired from a previous hike and workout. Thanks to Bee, I got in the nick of time. 😀 An Adventure Pass is needed to park here. Crystal Paula Gonzalez-landas, our leader for this hike showed us parts of the canyon that I haven’t seen or gone before.
There are several trails that lead towards the bridge. We took the old trail which was full of vegetation and beautiful. We crossed rivers several times and yes we did get our shoes and some parts of our legs wet. There’s no chance to avoid it even though if we tried. Ignacio Espinoza learned that the hard way. 😀 I also tried to use my water shoes but it was only good in the water and not for hiking and I learned that the hard way too. 😀 As we reached the bridge, saw the bungee jumpers, and head further down and ate our snacks/lunch. We took a lot of photos around the area.
As we head back, we didn’t go the way we came. Instead, we went under the bridge and did our river hike. Scramble some rocks and got ourselves wet again below the legs. Some areas are slippery too. My advice to anyone is to hike with somebody or with a group and don’t wonder off too far.


We head towards the Devil’s Gulch, a hidden waterfall, which was on the right side of the river. There was lots of poison oak around the area to avoid from while going there. What an amazing sight when we saw the waterfall. More photos taken including a rope climb on the rock which was fun too.


We have done more river crossings and walking along the river side by side. Loved that part. I used my hiking shoes again since we left the bridge and I got used to it getting wet now than earlier. Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H- is planning to do this hike again and this time more hiking on the river. 🙂
As we got back to the parking lot, we ate some jicamas with sprinkles of Tajin seasoning which taste so great. After that, we said our goodbyes and congratulate each one for a good job on hiking. Thanks again to Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza for organizing the event with Crystal leading the group. It was an amazing day and quite an adventure. I will surely hike this one again.



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