Mt. Wilson Hike – 04/16/2016

Our first hike of Six Pack of Peaks training series is Mt. Wilson. The summit is at 5,710 ft. and home for an observatory responsible for the most detailed photos of Mars as well a vast array of antennae for local LA radio and television stations.
We met up at Mt. Wilson Trail Park in 165 E Mira Monte Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 at 6 am. No Adventure Pass is needed since it was outside the designated forest area. This was a different trail that we took and not the Chantry Flats route that most hikers go. Ricardo Cruz gave instructions in Spanish while being translated very well by Melevy Osorio-Sorto in her sort of yellow hair. 🙂 It was mentioned that there will be shorter breaks and less photo ops while hiking to the top since the group has 46 hikers plus a longer distance. 😀 I met some familiar faces, Harvey Fiji, Roberto Castañón, Silvia Castañón, Meredith Crane, Arnell Alba, Mireya Arellano,Thelma Gonzalez, Dolores Grant, and many more plus met new hiker Hector Martinez on his first trip.
Off we go! Based on my MapMyHike app, the maximum elevation gain was 5,633 ft. with the distance of 14.51 miles and that doesn’t include roaming around the summit.

On my way to the top, my achilles heel cramped but recovered quickly. Felt a little pop on my calves and legs but those didn’t cramped. The scenery was awesome going up.


Thanks to Jesus Carrillo for taking photos of the whole group while hiking. As we reached the summit, we had our lunch and hydrate ourselves. It was cold around the Cosmic Cafe that we sat outside and get the sun’s rays. Had lots of group photos.
Heading back down was a lot quicker. A lot of running. 🙂 With that, our toes hurt. We also detoured near a running stream. When we got back to the park, it was a total of 8 hours excluding the time we spent at the summit.


We congratulate from one hiker to another. Great job everyone! What a great workout. 🙂 Thanks to Sergio Cruz for leading this hike and Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza of Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H- for organizing the event.
Got home and had BBQ Salmon and mango smoothie for dinner. 🙂

Can’t wait for next month’s Cucamonga Peak but before that will be at Silverwood Lake (PCT) Exploratory Hike and Bridge To Nowhere Hike (I’m hoping the water is okay for me to swim or take a dip). 😀


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