Old LA Zoo-Bee Rock-Hollywood Sign-Wisdom Tree Hike – 04/30/2016

Every Angelino hiker knows the trails at Griffith Park because it’s a popular one in the middle of the city of Los Angeles.
I did the Hollywood Sign and Wisdom Tree last Wednesday with my buddy from Pennsylvania that I liked it so much that I had to do this one but more mileage. 🙂


Melevy Osorio-Sorto leads the Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H- hike today. A moderate hike that takes 12 miles to and back as mentioned on the event page. A bonus hike was added to the mix. 🙂


Hikers met at 6:30 am at the parking lot near the Old LA Zoo. A total of 29 hikers came. 15 minutes later, we started our hike there and instantly took photos around the area. We saw a huge open cage and everyone got wild literally inside and on top of it. They became beasts that need taming. 😀 Our next stop was the Bee Rock which was close by but on an upward hike. The rock was called like that because it’s shaped like a bee hive. Took photos at the top.


On our 3rd destination was the Hollywood Sign. Saw a lot of tourist along the trail. More upward hike there and took more photos and ate some snacks when we reached the top.


Our last destination was the Wisdom Tree or Tree Of Life (from Google Maps). Lots of scrambling on rocks and steep climbing and descents. Once we reached there, we had our lunch. Took more photos there too which we can see the Observatory from afar, Hollywood Reservoir, Universal Studios, and the surrounding cities of Burbank and Hollywood. As we start our hike back, the bonus hike was to get as close to the front of the Hollywood Sign. That was a great bonus. Thanks Melevy!


Later on, we had a surprise hike back with more uphill battle which I assume not a lot of people knew there was a trail there. 😀 That was fun.

We also passed by Amir’s Garden which was beautiful. (http://amirsgarden.org/) A few more miles down or shall I say down and up trail back to our cars.


Thanks again to Ricardo Cruz & Maglory Maza of 3H for organizing this event. Thanks also to Melevy for showing us trails that some of us haven’t been before. It was such an amazing and fun day.


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