Strawberry Peak – 02/06/2016

As I woke up at 5am, I started sneezing and it looks like my allergies kicking in. Took some pills knowing it will make me drowsy but it’s better than sneezing while hiking. πŸ™‚ Ate breakfast and head out. Caught up with the group as they were about to leave. Hitch a ride with Dolores Grant with 3 other hikers (Beatriz, Letty, and Tony).


As we head out with our emergency lights on, police stop Ricardo’s car who was leading us. The officer just told him not to turn our emergency lights on. Then we continue to drive to the parking lot. Met with the huge 40+ group Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H-) and we’re given instructions by Ricardo Cruz. The hike begins.


It was my first time on this trail that I heard it was easy hike. Don’t be fooled. πŸ˜€ It’s a challenging hike and not for beginners. It was cold in the morning as it became warm later on. The hike was led by Sergio Cruz.


We encountered a little snow and mud along the way. Dalila Santamaria made it fun as both the Challenger and the Camaro race to the top. Of course, I had to give the lady to finish first. πŸ˜€ Lol In this hike, we have a guy named Sergio who’s 70 years old in our group. Amazing! I hope I or we can do what he can do when we reach his age.


Dolores brought her friend Tony who’s just 19 years old and will be joining the US Marines soon. As we head to the top, I heard of screams as they get pricked by those thorny plants along the trail. We reached the top at 6,165 ft. with an elevation gain of 2,731 ft. As Melevy Osorio-Sorto says it’s a tuff one. No kidding. πŸ™‚


We had breaks, lunch, and photo ops along the way. We head down towards the Red Box parking lot. From there, Sergio drove the drivers back to the parking lot that we started. Dolores picked us up back to McDonald’s parking lot where our cars were parked.


I had to take more allergy pills as I started sneezing again. I was fortunate that I rarely sneezed and felt drowsy during the hike. Thank you Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza for the invite and setting up this event. It was an amazing hike that took almost 13 miles in almost 9 hours.



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