Mecca Hills Painted / Ladder Canyon Hike – 01/17/2016

When I saw the invitation from Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H- and saw photos from Google, I jumped in for an adventure.

Thank you 3H Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza for creating this event. Thank you also to Brett Beri for leading us and showing us what a magnificent place this is. We all met at McDonalds at Indio, CA and then head out to Painted Canyon. As we head closer to the parking lot, we encountered lots of sand on the dirt road. Bee couldn’t handle the pressure. Luke, the Challenger, with the use of the force, made it past us, but was stuck later on. With the help of Sergio Cruz, he drove us to the parking lot with his 4×4 new engine truck. 38 people showed up on the hike.


Jairo Pineros gave us hiking instructions. He said originally turn left if we do get lost … oops he meant right. We walked down our first ladder into the slot canyon and then another ladder going up. Lots of tight spaces.


More ladders going up until we reached the peak. Took photos and rest. We sang happy birthday song to Stan Jackson, a member in the group. Then headed down back to the parking lot. This was the original plan of 5 mile loop.


Jairo and Brett suggested to us if we do want to explore more with the ropes can come with them for another 5 mile loop. Some went home early. Most of us were thinking just stopping where the rope is and watch and head back. All of a sudden, everyone did it especially the ladies who were so determined to accomplish this hurdle.

We encountered 3 rope climbs and they were awesome. Great job everyone! We reached the peak again and went were the ladders that we took earlier going up. And now we were going down. So exciting!

As we reached the parking lot, we bid farewell to the group. That’s a total of 10 miles for the double loops and almost 8 hours. Sergio dropped one by one where our cars were stuck. With the help of Ricardo and Sergio, I managed to get away and drove out of the dirt road. How I’d wished to join the group for dinner but I had a 3 hour drive back home. I even stopped at Duarte at El Pollo Loco to pee and just ate dinner as well. To sum it all up, this was an amazing adventure.


Everyone was smiling and laughing even in tight spaces because we were having fun. As Sergio Garcia said, it’s the memories. Thanks everyone, with the photos as well.


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