Mt. San Gorgonio – 11/07/2015

You would think that hiking at Mt. Jacinto was extreme 3 weeks ago with hail coming down. This ranks as my top extreme hike that I’ve done with Dolores Grant.

Both of us didn’t expect it would be this tiring and painful. 😀 Let’s start off that I’ve to wake up at 1 am to prepare then pick up Dolores at 2:40 am and another 1 hr and 40 minutes to the meeting place with Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H-/HiKing-with-Friends and our hike started at 5:45am.
Mt. San Gorgonio is the tallest mountain in Southern California at 11,503 ft., 5,840 ft. elevation gain, and 17 miles of hiking via Vivian Creek in the San Bernardino mountains.


Extreme because aside from the distance, we had to encounter 32 degrees Fahrenheit on parts of the trail, snow and icy trails, and pure darkness started at 5:30pm which luckily we had our headlamps.
Thanks to the leadership of the family of Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza for showing and pushing us to finish our goals.


Which reminds me, I have to congratulate Ricardo Cruz for an impossible feat. He had to escort 3 girls from almost halfway mark back to the parking lot because they were not feeling well. Then he ran back and even catch us up at the peak. Amazing!

It took me 14 hours for the trip to the top and back to the parking lot. I encountered altitude sickness combined with the chill factor plus got a slight stomach ache heading down because of the tuna chunks I ate at the top.


Lesson learned people, just eat little like crackers and trail mix with water and electrolytes. Of course, Dolores was ahead going down with 13 hours and 20 minutes. 🙂 Overall, I really enjoyed the extreme hike that we made.


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