Mt. San Jacinto – 10/17/2015


At 10,834 peak of Mt. San Jacinto, “Hiking With Friends” and Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H-“, Dolores and me, took an adventure that some people wouldn’t do. This was my very first time hiking with a huge group thinking this was a regular hike. Boy was I wrong. 😀 Met some new friends in the process.



We encountered the cold, a little heat, aches and pain, hail, rain, and most of all the amazing views. No cramps on this hike for me. 🙂 This mountain is higher than Mt. Baldy and Mt. Wilson.



Our next hike next month will be at Mt. Gorgonio which is the highest peak of southern California. Copied some photos from Hiking With Friends members. Thank you. Thanks also to the group leaders, Ricardo Cruz and Maglory Maza for showing us the way.



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