Painted Canyon Ladders Hike, Mecca Hills the sequel – 03/26/2016

Here we go again back to Painted Canyon in Mecca Hills. It was so fun the first time last January that we had to do it again. Thanks to Hiking for Health and Happiness -3H- withRicardo Cruz and Maglory Maza making this event happen and to Brett Beri for leading us again to his playground with Angela Lopez.
I woke up at 3:30am and ate my really early breakfast. Meet and pick up Denise Vasquez Cawley and her brother Kurt Vasquez in San Dimas at 4:30am. Got to our meeting place and met with the rest of the hikers in Indio few minutes before 7am. Thanks to Bee for avoiding the police cars along the way. πŸ˜€ We hitch a ride with Alfredo Alvarez‘s monster truck to avoid the dirt road and met new friends.


Along the dirt road, we see still a few cars got stranded. We met the rest of the hikers, some familiar faces such as Sergio Garcia, andΒ Lissinia Aguilar, and met some new ones like ICarly GutierrezΒ and Humberto Lira at the parking lot. Ricardo handed out instructions to us. A total of 44 hikers in this event. That’s a few more than the last time.
We hiked the same route as before. We tackled the first loop where the ladders are first and head up to the peak. The weather was so perfect.


We also sang birthday songs to Sergio Cruz and Kathleen. Had some shots of alcohol drinks. πŸ™‚ Left our iced bottles there to pick them up later on our second loop which are the ropes. Some hikers did one loop only.


Those who did the ropes did pretty well and fast. We were also separated in to 3 groups. I was on the second group. Once we drank our water that we left at the peak. We had to head down fast because it was really hot but the breeze helped a lot. Maglory told us to wait at a shaded area.


While heading down, I kept following Serge Palomo and forgot all about it that we catch up with the first group. Sorry Maglory, we got disoriented by the heat. πŸ˜€ We all got back at the parking lot safely.


We then set up tables and chairs for after party celebration for Sergio Cruz. We had goat stew, tortillas, habanero sauce, rice, goat dish for main course, tortilla churos for dessert, and cold gatorade drinks. It was so delicious plus the canyons as your backdrop made it more awesome.


Compliments to the 3H family for a wonderful meal. I even ate some of Denise’s share. πŸ˜€ There were dancing and Normie Chanes led the way.
It was an awesome day. Thanks again to 3H, Brett, and rest of the hikers for making it special.


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