Spartan Race Sprint & Volunteer Shifts – January 30-31, 2016

This was my first time on any Spartan race. That Saturday when I drove to Temecula, CA was the perfect weather to race but I’m scheduled for the next day. I first volunteered for Spartan race on Saturday from 12 pm to 8 pm. The staff handed a shirt, banana and a chicken sandwich and I waited for the supervisor.


For each volunteer shift, you get 1 free race (Sprint, Super, or Beast) anywhere in the US. I got an easy job as a photographer at the finish line until it was dark. I met other friendly staff. Then I joined them handing medals to the finishers. I saw Sergio Garcia and his friend Normie Chanes (who are avid hikers I met during our adventures) at the finish line. Great job you guys. The last people to finish the race were a group who ended their run around 7 pm and they said they started at 1 pm. They needed to bring headlamps to finish since it was so dark already. I had fun being a volunteer that day.


The next day was a whole different story. One word describes it … horrible (the weather). It was already forecast that it would rain. I was thinking it would have some drizzle and light rain. Man, wind was blowing freezing cold. I raced with Dolores Grant and Sona Arutyunyan at 11 am. I don’t even remember which obstacle came first but the high walls at first I had a problem, I succeeded in climbing them with a slight lift push from a fellow racer and Dolores. Climbing the hills were okay especially carrying of the sand bag. While running up the hills, we thought it was hail hitting our faces. It could be since it was so cold. I later found out it was sleet. We saw a photographer up the hill and Dolores says, “stomach in, stomach in”. That was really funny. πŸ˜€


It looked like a stream of water falling down the hill with mud all around. Some racers slid. Since our bodies were so cold and numb, the monkey bars were impossible because they were slippery to begin with. At first try, Dolores sat on my back while she holds the bars and kept saying, “move, move”, but she fell backwards and so did I. Luckily, the staff help us accomplished this obstacle. πŸ˜€ The heavy lifting combined with the mud and slippery was also impossible. Wind blowing our spears and even ourselves. It’s like a storm just hit us. So all that … 30 burpees each obstacle I failed. I did however see racers just skipped the burpees even they didn’t complete the obstacle. I’m that good to follow the rules especially with cramps galore. πŸ˜€


I’m hoping that the staff got photos of us on the race because we didn’t want our cell phones to get wet.


After the race, Dolores and Sona had to leave and avoid the cold weather. I had to stay to complete my 2nd volunteer work at 2:30 pm. Started with bag check as the wind blows stronger, I just heard that the race had been stopped. Then I was assigned at the exit area for checking out the racers bags and made sure numbers matched that were attached to their bags and their wrists as they exited the area. As I saw each racer exiting, I can see them all shivering. They can’t even fold their sleeves to show their wrist numbers.


After that, I helped one of the staff removed leather signs attached to fences, untying cables, and folding one tent. Grabbed a cup of beer and sipped as much as I can and continue my duties. Then the volunteers were told that their shifts were over and this was before 7 pm. Checked out and made sure I got the 2 free races for future use. Drove off with Bee which she was lucky getting out of the mud. Got home at 9:10 pm and have a bowl of noodle soup with fried chicken, showered, and slept.


This weekend was fun and an experience to remember. I would definitely do them again in the future. πŸ™‚


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