Thanksgiving 2015 Road Trip

It all started on November 25, 2015, my cousins Ging and Charlotte picked me up close to 8am, I took the wheel from then on, and we head towards Morro Bay. We took photos and ate brunch at Dorn’s restaurant which we picked the wrong one. It was supposed to be the seafood restaurant which is on the right side of the building. 🙂


We headed back to the Pacific Coast Highway to the McWay Falls at Big Sur. A short hike from the main road was worth it.


We then stopped at Bixby Bridge which is an icon in itself.


Then the next 2 destinations we went to was a bummer … they were closed already. 😦 So we drove at highway 17 which was such a scary drive at night when other cars were so close and were also driving fast on a winding road going downhill. Phew, we were safe. It was almost 7:30pm that we got to my cousin’s house at San Pablo and ate Chinese food.


On Thanksgiving day, my cousin Anna treated us out to Hs’ Lordships brunch buffet. The view was spectacular in and out of the restaurant and so does the food. We head to the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park. We walked around the area afterwards. Going home, we passed by Treasure Island, a man made island used by the military. The view was amazing at night.
On Friday, we went to Napa Valley. It was sunny and pretty. Visited Castello di Amorosa vineyard and ate lunch and drunk wine in Calistoga.
The next day, Ging, Charlotte, and I went to Golden Gate Bridge (Marin Headlands) and Sausilito. Ate at the latter in Spinnaker restaurant and had Italian seafood dish. It too had a great ambiance.



Later that night, Anna’s husband, Kelly, treated us out at Spenger’s restaurant. I was stuffed for the whole day. We said our goodbyes and thanks to Anna and Kelly for accommodating us.
On Sunday, we got out early at 9am and start heading back to reality. But first, we have to stop over at 17-mile drive in Monterey. Then we head towards Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant at Coalinga, CA and ate beef steak which was a recommendation from a friendly grocery store person in San Francisco. You will know you’re there when you smell the cows poop. 😀 After our lunch/dinner, we head home using the 5 freeway. We encountered lots of traffic and a burning car at night. My cousins dropped me home before 9pm.



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