Zion/Vegas Road Trip Weekend – December 26 – 27, 2015

Way back around October, I suggested hiking at Angels Landing (5790 ft.) in Zion National Park to Andy when he visits in December but he says it’s too far. The month of December came and he wants to go there and I said it could be really dangerous with the snow. This bothered me ever since my first experience hiking at Mt. Gorgonio in November without the proper gear. I decided to go a week before the trip. Whose brilliant idea was it? Who knows, we’re old, we forgot. 😀
We head out on our road trip at 1:30 am on Andy’s rented car, Kia Soul. It was so windy in the desert. As we got closer to our destination, the temperature keeps dropping. Arrived Zion around 7:35 am and had breakfast. We then got in to the park and head to Angels Landing parking area.


There was snow already at the beginning of the trail and we don’t have micro-spikes (spikes for our shoes). The trail had a mixture of paved and unpaved and it is steep with an elevation gain of 1500 ft.


This is where it becomes difficult and scary when we reached the area where the chains are. One slip without holding the chains and down we go. Only a few people dare to go further and didn’t see kids after this point.


The sign says 6 people died since 2004. We reached the top and had snacks. Heading back down was another different story. We had to watch our steps so we won’t slip down. If we had those crampons, it would be a lot easier. We got down in 4 hours and that was fast considering the website said the round trip will take up to 6 hours. Just luckily to be alive. 🙂
After our hike and lunch, we decided to visit other national parks close by since I got a national parks annual pass. Unfortunately, the roads are icy and dangerous. Kia Soul doesn’t have snow chains. So we headed back to Zion and visit other sites.



The next day, we head down to Las Vegas for a short stop and eat lunner (lunch/dinner) at Paris’ Le Village buffet.


After we were stuffed, we walked all the way Luxor and took some photos and meet some cute nice Russian girl along the way. 🙂


As we head back to the car, we stopped at Planet Hollywood and have a beer before we head back to LA. Unfortunately, Andy couldn’t go 150 mph because the traffic was really bad, worse than what I experience with Rey Ventura on his trip. We stopped at Barstow at In N Out burger and relaxed before I took my shift on the wheels. Fortunately for me, traffic was great and speeding only at 80 mph. Got home at 12:15 am Monday morning as Andy head back to his apartment in Panorama City which is only 15 minutes away.
Thanks again Andy for the adventure and fun tagging along on the trip.


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