Everyone’s Hike NYE Morning Hike – 12/31/2017


In The Beginning …

It was a great morning and a momentous occasion to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a morning hike with most of the hiking groups in Los Angeles. With Everyone’s Hike Carlos Berruz leading the crowd and being joined by the 3H Family, 213 FB Hikers, Mountain Humpers, LA Trail Hikers, SGV Trail Walkers, Hike Beyond The Hills, and many more hiking groups.



I remembered they did this last year, which I missed. This marks my first time attending this event. Everyone showed up that day with some wearing their black and gold shirts from Daniel Morales, party hats and poppers. I brought my party horn which was the loudest of them all.


Believe me, it was hard to count how many attended, but most likely above 250 hikers. Even the Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti joined in the action.

Carlos Berruz with daughter and Mayor Eric Garcetti
A View of the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Reservoir

The hike started at the parking lot number 2, near the Merry Go Round in Griffith Park at 7 in the morning. Carlos gave instructions to the crowd before hiking. We used most of the fire road going up and it became a single line trail as we passed the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee. Most of the hikers stopped by the Hollywood Sign area, just like me and my friend Mireya Arellano, who coincidentally was her first time there. As we went up and down the ridge, passing Cahuenga Peak and some steep sections of the trail, we got to our destination, the Wisdom Tree. A lone-standing tree that is situated above Universal Studios and you get sweeping views of Los Angeles. We celebrated with a few drinks and a lot of fun pictures.


Then we head back to the parking lot. The total mileage for this hike was around 9 miles in less than 5 hours. Everyone enjoyed the CELEBRATION!


Removal of Trash After the Celebration

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